AWARD-WINNING 360-degree and wide angle technology

A solution for every situation

Oncam’s award-winning 360-degree and wide angle technology and cameras are the cornerstone of any modern and intelligent security solution where the customer requires Total Situational Awareness. Oncam provides a unique way of experiencing the power of surveillance cameras, either via 3D dewarping software or via pre-configured views. These unique user experiences are also available through a free mobile app for remote access.

A differentiating strength of the Evolution Camera Ranges is their innovative modular design, capable of being mounted on a range of available housings, which will greatly enhance the ease and speed of installation. Our products meet the most stringent certifications on vandal-resistance, weather protection, sanitary requirements, transportation and explosive environments.

Oncam provides the very best dewarping experience in the in the global security industry today, as proven by the ever increasing number of NVR/VMS partners who have integrated our SDK. Oncam’s technology enables Live and Retrospective analysis of an entire scene that will enable you to identify and track threats.

The Benefits of
360-degree technology

Extending beyond live viewing

By enabling high-resolution recording of the entire fisheye view, independent of what an operator is doing, images can be processed during playback as if they were live images. During playback, images can be dewarped and virtual cameras can be generated enabling the viewer to pan, tilt and zoom around the entire scene.

Technology Benefits:

– wider area of coverage with no blind spots;
– 100% coverage live and on playback;
– camera cannot be left looking in the wrong direction;
– no moving parts and no maintenance required;
– completely silent operation

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