NEXPA is a leading company specializing in smart parking and traffic law enforcement solution provider with our proprietary video-analytics technology. The company was founded in February, 2004 in Seoul, South Korea. In the early years, NEXPA has focused to develop the new technologies. Over 50 patents we have, we went into the market and proposed the technology-driven solutions to our customers. Huge progress has been followed next. Now, we have the greatest number of the references for the large-sized projects such as airport, shopping center while we are still adding the global projects to our successful references.

Access Control

LPR machine detects an incoming vehicle at the entryand exit gate and recognizes the license plate number. Blacklist, VIP list and others can be registered and their arrival will be alerted to the center.

Payment System

There are 2 options for payment system: cashierbooth and auto pay station. Auto pay station will help to lower the operating cost and reducecongestion at exit.


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