High-End image performance system with Advanced material identification ability : With the dual-energy technology, the SmartScan X-ray security system can easily identify material and categorize it based on the arrangement : organic material (orange), inorganic (blue), mixture and lighter metal (green), which assists in detecting drug and explosive powder.

Sharp objects and dangerous goods detection and alarm notification : The ability to instantly detect sharp objects and dangerous goods and send alarm notifications on the monitor screen. Detection Sensitivity can be adjusted by operators anytime based on the standard safety requirement.

High-Speed and real-time digital signal processing : The process includes three phases : Image recurrence that displays the previous images and processes any one of them; Image restoration that restores image to initial status and Image storage that stores any image in real-time and processes it in operation status. Automatic high and Low penetration display : High penetration display increases the contrast of the bright area in image to make the area that is easy to penetrate appear more clearly. Low penetration display increases the contrast of dark area in image to make the difficult-to-penetrate area appear more clearly.

Super image enhancement with Edge enhancement : The super image enhancement creates more distinct image detail, while the edge enhancement defines clearer edge and object contour



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