Crystal Eye Unified Threat Management Platform


The Crystal Eye UTM Platform is designed for MSP and corporations that need extreme security that is both easy to use and affordable. It features proven security techniques with layers of protection to keep your data safe. Crystal Eye is a multi-layered security next-generation firewall that increases security awareness, reducing risk exposure from advanced cybercrime, malicious software and insider threats.

By adopting Crystal Eye as your security solution you are only required to have a single vendor and single product platform to achieve a complete defense-in-depth security strategy. This creates a seamless security surface and leaves no gaps as you find with a multi-device/multi-vendor approach.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

The Red Piranha threat intelligence network is comprised of an intel feeds that keep us aware of evolving threats, exploits and vulnerabilities in systems around the world. We partner and receive feeds from the OTX (Open Threat Exchange) and OISF (Open Information Security Foundation).

Every day we receive immense amounts of data from over 65,000 different member sources in over 140 countries which gathers over 14 million threat indicators daily that gives us unique insight into cyber-crime, exploits, and dangers – all in real-time. We then update our Crystal Eye UTM Platform 4x daily to ensure your network is safeguarded and aware of the exploits before they hit you.


A Layered Approach to Security

Unlike a standard firewall, Crystal Eye UTM takes a layered approach and does not rely on a single method of protection. We use several in combination and back that up with intelligence and real-time alerts from around the world to keep aware of trends and new vulnerabilities


Suitable for Virtual and Hybrid Cloud Networks

The Crystal Eye UTM Platform is built to work on standard, virtual and hybrid networks that utilize cloud platforms. Unlike other UTM products on the marketplace that assume they are placed on the physical network boundary, Crystal Eye is ready to be deployed on all network boundaries, regardless of the infrastructure model used. This flexible approach is critical for MSPs and enterprises using traditional AND cloud-based networks.


The Crystal Eye UTM Dashboard

All of your security and networking policies, alerts, anti-virus related messages, system health messages, CPU, memory load, all critical controls are managed from a single central dashboard making your job much easier and your ability to respond to threats much faster. You can now easily determine details of current threats and identify ongoing issues such as those impacting e-mail or network performance – all from one pane-of-glass. 

Comprehensive Security Features

As a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Platform, Crystal Eye is a complete solution on a single platform. Instead of having to manage numerous devices from different vendors Crystal Eye lets you consolidate and manage everything on one platform with one set of policies and logs to adjust. This is critical in reducing the response time to threats, responding to incidents, and creating consistent security policies that are easy to apply across the network.

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